Weddings Live


A Wedding represents an important milestone in someone’s life. The happiest day of your life, when everything must be perfect and nothing can be left to chance.
Now, everyone will be able to attend the event as it takes place, even if they are faraway or unable to come, there will no longer be a problem…


The memory of the ceremony, the giving of the rings, the bridesmaid’s dresses, the church or wedding venue,
these are those special moments that will always remain etched in the memories of the newlyweds…
But also in the memories of those who couldn’t make it; a dear one or distant friend, they will all be close
when that fateful “Yes, I do” is pronounced and they will be able to say: “I was there”

"Anyone who has not been in Italy, is always conscious of an inferiority"

Stories! “interesting” stories, “intriguing” stories, “unique” stories… about unusual and characteristic places, sometimes enchanting, with an air of mystery and curiosity, that can only be truly appreciated by visiting them personally… So, we welcome you aboard! F asten your seatbelts… Let the magic commence… We will take you to places where everything is poetic, beyond this world, as you know it. It will be a trip back in time, into the historical past of this magnificent country that we call “ITALY”. You can relish in the atmosphere and savour the products of the land. We will tickle your taste buds with wonderful food and wine, visit vineyards and take you to places where they lovingly create the best prod ucts that Italy has to offer… And not only that…


Le foto del nostro matrimonio e i video sono stati fantastici. Siamo stati messi a nostro agio e tutto è filato liscio. Pienamente soddisfatti. Grazie
Diana Ricciardi
Professionale, puntuale e con un "occhio" speciale per i dettagli. Avevamo un po' di timore per la Diretta. Ma come si dice "Bona la Prima".
Jessica Altafonte
Avevamo un sogno. Rinnovare le promesse in un posto che ci aveva rubato il cuore: la Terrazza di Ravello. Grazie alla Diretta Streaming è stato come se i Nostri Cari ed Amici fossero cono Noi. Sublime
Lucia Gribaudo