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Nowadays, making a video is the easiest thing in the world, all you need is a smartphone. However, to do it properly and professionally is a different kettle of fish. Not just anyone is capable of transmitting it live without any setbacks, in high quality, paying attention to that detail that makes all the difference. We have been doing this for many years, using state-of-the-art equipment and technology. All you have to do is enjoy your special day and we will take care of the rest. Your friends and family will now be able to partake in the best scenes, live, wherever they may be…

We are here to film your wedding in full HD. We use professional cameras that enable us to record and transmit live and in high resolution, simultaneously, to create either short syntheses or full coverage of the event, with comments and a selection of audio contributions. We are specialized professionals who have been operating from the beginning of “Live Streaming Broadcasts” in the world.

In addition to the cameras, we also adopt state-of-the-art equipment including “encoder hardware” and “LTE dedicated mobile routers” for every service provider, that guarantee the best connection in any environment. We have tested numerous, valid platforms in order to transmit our “live events: Ustream, Livestream, Facebook, Youtube and many others. We eventually opted for Youtube. The reliability and higher quality of Youtube made it the most suitable to transmit and share real-time videos on every social network. 

So, contact us by filling in the form below and we can decide together on how to convert your wishes into your very own live video: the number of cameramen, from just one with a live-recording camera; to more than one, with a mobile director and the possibility of inserting other footage that has been filmed beforehand; with a correspondent to interview friends and relatives, which will unquestionably become the funniest moment of the event itself. All of this will make this ”Reportage” a unique moment which will be talked about for many years to come…

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